PEEK thermoplastic
Berry Industrial Sales, LLC
Degussa began manufacturing Vestakeep® aromatic poly-ether-ether-ketone
(PEEK) after the formation of JIDA Degussa High Performance Polymers
Changchun Co. Ltd in 2005 . Vestakeep PEEK has the best combination of
properties of any thermoplastic from -40oF to 500oF. Key properties include:
+ heat deflection temperature up to 600oF
+ high modulus and strength
+ good dimensional stability
+ thermal stability to 500oF
+ good electrical characteristics
+ excellent chemical & hydrolysis resistance
+ excellent sliding friction behavior
+ high purity / low out-gassing and extractables
+ inherently flame retardant at 1.4mm
+ low smoke and smoke toxicity
Vestakeep PEEK successfully replaces metals when an application
requires two or more of the above properties and often reduces overall
system costs due to increased design freedom, part consolidation, and
improved durability

Degussa offers Vestakeep PEEK as powders and granules. Standard
compounds include black colors, carbon fiber reinforced, glass fiber
reinforced, and bearing grade. Custom products are available through

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